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Practicable budget for ensuring relief, propping up economy

RSS COMMENTARY –Narayan Prasad Ghimire– KATHAMNDU, May 27: A large number of people are facing mounting sufferings with the approach of monsoon, as they are yet to reconstruct their houses demolished by the devastating earthquakes last year. Industrialists are yet

Struggle for Survival

RSS Commentary –By Pabitra Guragain– KATHMANDU, May 25: With a feeble body, wrinkles on her forehead and a little hope for longer life, kidney patient Binita Oli, 31, from Ota VDC of Rolpa, a hilly district in mid-western Nepal, is

Buddha’s message to alleviate human sufferings in all its manifestations

RSS COMMENTARY –Manoj Karki– KATHMANDU, May 21: Two thousand five-hundred sixty years is a very long time to even think of, forget calculation of the time-period that has passed by in between. But the birth of a person so many

Minimum monthly wage for journalists: How far will it be implemented?

(By Pritam Bhattarai) Kathmandu, May 18: Working journalists recently received a gift of an increment in their monthly minimum wages to a minimum of Rs 19,500 with the Cabinet meeting on May 5 approving a proposal to that effect. The


RSS Commentary -Narayan Prasad Ghimire- Kathmandu, 14 May: Thanks to the new constitution that stipulated the time to bring the annual budget, the program to which, Nepal came across many lousy incidents as the midnight brawl in the parliament- especially

Is free expression on internet shrinking in Nepal?

RSS Commentary -Krishna Sapkota- KATHMANDU, May 11: Globally internet has emerged as an inseparable and inevitable medium of exercising free speech. It is so far the most precious gift of 21st century that science and technology has offered to promote

National Journalism Day – celebrating over a century of media evolution in Nepal

RSS COMMENTARY: (By Deepraj Sanyal) Kathmandu, May 7: The National Journalism Day has been marked for the first time in the country on May 6 commemorating the day when the country’s first newspaper – the Gorkhapatra vernacular – began its

Sluggish reconstruction efforts add to woes of quake survivors

RSS Commentary -By Pritam Bhattarai Kathmandu, April 23: It seems that there is complete absence of governance, forget good governance. There is still a short supply of essential fuel including cooking gas even months after the crippling blockade ended while

Freedom of Expression on Internet: A topic to discuss in Nepal

(Narayan Prasad Ghimire) Kathmandu, May 4: The rise of social networks and the news portals have posed serious threat to traditional media. The stories on the newspapers disseminated early morning are already stale, while the online television and radio are