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People’ submission on draft constitution overwhelming

RSS COMMENTARY: Processing and codifying a challenging task ahead (By Manoj Karki/Senior Editor/RSS) Kathmandu, July 22: The two-day nationwide campaign initiated by the Constituent Assembly to collect people’s submission on the preliminary draft of the Constitution of Nepal 2072 ended

BUDGET 2015/16: Managing expectations of 28 million plus populace

RSS COMMENTARY By Manoj Karki (Senior Editor/RSS) Kathmandu, July 15: Every year in mid-July just as Nepal is in the midst of monsoon, the Finance Minister of the country is at the heart of everyone’s attention. All major stakeholders from

Tourism Sector Treading a Long Path Towards Revival

RSS COMMENTARY Fate of tour guides hangs in balance 2015-07-08 10:41 By Sandesh Shrestha Kathmandu, July 8: As the country’s tourism industry grapples with the repercussions unfolding in the post-earthquake scenario, the tourist guides are looking ahead towards an uncertain